Our Projects

With La Casa del Perro, volunteers become part of a community for a short period of time, while changing the life of animals and people in the process. Thanks to volunteers that believe in animal welfare everywhere is that programs like this exist that make it possible for all animals, whether pets or strays, to thrive, and live a healthy and happy life.

Through your volunteering with us, you will become aware in depth about your own values and abilities. We encourage you to take this volunteer opportunity to explore the beautiful land where you will be volunteering. Ecuador is truly a paradise, and it won’t take long for you to see it!

We want to reinstate that our mission is to increase the standard of living of homeless animals. As part of our mission, we support community education about how to properly care for their animals as well as how to identify and prevent certain diseases.


Veterinary Assistance

The main goals are to carry out protocols that ensure the safety and comfort of the animals serviced as well as the people. 1. Sterilization projects are carried out as an effort to reduce the stray animal population. 2. La Casa del Perro may assist in shelters that provide refuge for animals that require treatment and rehabilitation of medical conditions prior to becoming available for adoption.

Shelter Enrichment Builders

Animal shelters in Ecuador are in need of various resources, and that includes extra hands to help build areas where animals can rehabilitate, train, and be themselves. Anyone with building experience or with limited animal experience who would be interested in helping create an enriching environment for shelter animals are encouraged to apply. Details on the tasks will be dependent on the individuals shelter needs.

Behavioral Rehabilitation

Behavior assessment and rehabilitation are of particular importance in ending animal homelessness. In occasion, La Casa del Perro takes volunteers to work exclusively on dog behavioral assessment and modification in order to help them dogs thrive in their homes and communities. These projects are always carried out under the supervision and training of shelter staff.   

Community Projects

The ultimate goal of La Casa del Perro is to diminish the population of stray animals and to ensure that all animals have a standard of living where their basic needs are met. Community projects are geared towards education targeting various age groups aiming to empower residents to the care of their  animals and become aware of the connections between healthy animals and a healthy community.

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