Below are just a few examples of the ways La Casa del Perro has helped to change animals’ lives

Accion Unida for el Llamado Animal (AULLA)

This small sanctuary and rescue center houses approximately 70 animals in its facility and coordinates temporary homes for about an additional 30 individuals, while they await for permanent homes. AULLA provides behavioral rehabilitation works inexhaustibly to provide top care for all its canines.


August 2018

Luis Mariño Carrera and his photography team at the shelter AULLA preparing material for a fundraising campaign to support this local Ecuadorian shelter.

MAchalilla National Park, Manabi, Ecuador

Machalilla National Park has done groundbreaking work in establishing veterinary access to southern coastal communities of Ecuador. They host periodic sterilization campaigns that not only assist in controlling the population of homeless animals, but concurrently help to reduce their impact on endemic wildlife that inevitably suffers when facing competition of resources and are preyed upon by these animals.


April 2014

Sterilization campaign coordinated by the National Park of Machalilla, Ecuador. This project took place in a local firehouse and served nearby communities within a 10- mile radius.

Accion ANIMAL ECUADOR, Quito, Ecuador

Located in the south of the capital of Ecuador, this emergency rescue facility actively seeks to rescue animals that have suffered extreme abuse. Their dedication to medical rehabilitation of any species that comes through their doors has made them stand out among other organizations.


February 2018

Two staff members from Accion Animal Ecuador cuddling this unusual combination of rescues after a long morning of work.